Legacy (leg-uh-see) noun;

handed down or inherited
from the past, as from an
ancestor or predecessor
Our Mission

As the definition confirms, experience is earned through years of gained knowledge and hard work. Over the past 40 years, our management team has consistently introduced groundbreaking service innnovations for our customer's facility maintenance needs. Legacy FMS was created to propel our Facility Service Solutions into the "Next Generation".

Through Multiple acquisitions and strategic investments Legacy FMS offers multi-layer support to our customers; from trade services & project management to custom manufacturing & installation.

Keys to our Success:

who specialize in facility maintenance, project management & custom manufacturing. Having the know-ledge to value engineer even the smallest repair, they can help drive down costs and lessen down time in your facilities. Our team of "subject matter expert" project managers & account executives maintain high-level communications through each and every project.


is driven by state-of-the-art tracking and reporting software, which gives us the ability to coordinate and closeout your projects quickly and effectively while providing you with full visibility. Our staff is well trained on the industry's third party work order platforms.


have been established and strengthened over many decades by our management team, who continue to develop long lasting relationships with our vendors. These vendors are skilled tradespeople, direct manufacturers, material suppliers, distributors and LTL companies

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